a new year : a new blog

I know I'm a bit late to the party, but happy new year my peeps!

One of the things I love most about each new year is the chance to recalibrate and begin again regardless of last years failings (or maybe in spite of them?). Every year I like to make BIG dreamy goals, and choose a Word of the Year; some years I hit them both out of the park, and other years  I fall flat on my face in the dirt. Last year was pretty much a big empty innertube of dead air due to a self-imposed hibernation/ geminaton of sorts, and all that pulling inward has filled me up with lots of energy & new goals for 2015. My WotY choice pretty much sums up my inspiration for the year:

Since winter is so bleary in The Mitten state, I find it's a good time to take new online classes, and start building momentum to keep me going yearlong. One of the e-courses I'm most excited about taking is MATSbootcamp with Lilla Rogers. The image above is from our first assignment; creating a journal cover using Edwardian brooches as inspiration. The hardest part of getting into illustration for me has been getting back into the habit of using Photoshop & Illustrator to fine-tune and color in my drawings. It actually went much smoother than I anticipated, and I've even swapped out the work "Journal" on the cover for my WotY. My actual submission is below, and if you click on the image it will take you over to the Bootcamp Gallery so you can see the submissions:

You can see how amazing some of the surface designers mock-ups are; my goal next assignment is to watch some tutes on YouTube and acquire some sweet mockups I can plug my design into. I would love to hear your goals, Word of the Year, new ecourses. or anything else fun you are doing for the new year!

talk to you soon : now go make art!